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The German OBB Group Company is located in Munich, Germany. It is a mechanical all-round enterprise transformed from the European Machinery Equipment Group Corporation. The company is committed to specializing in mechanical conception, research and development, design, manufacturing, and experimentation. The product range covers bearings, motors, and wind power units. Shafts, high and low voltage electrical appliances, switches, control cabinets, and gearboxes bring personalized solutions to global high-end industrial automation, providing product supply and mature integrated after-sales service. The OBB series products are owned by the European machinery manufacturing field. A well-known manufacturer with ten years of experience, full cooperation support, high-end quality, durable, to ensure the smooth and stable operation of the equipment to the greatest extent, the products are widely used in mechanical equipment, wind power generation, steel, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, machine tools, textiles, and automobiles , Motors, precision instruments, mining machinery, construction machinery, highway engineering machinery, paper machinery, railways and other fields.

"OBB in China"
The OBB brand was established in Germany. We are an enterprise with a history of more than 50 years. We have established a branch in the United Kingdom, strategic sales and operation branches in Hong Kong, and two manufacturing centers in Germany and Malaysia to provide customers with bearing products and services.
After more than 50 years of production and sales logistics business development in Europe, OBB entered the Chinese bearing market in 2017.

"OBB Commitment"
Our quality management department inspects the steel in the steel plant, and the use of good steel is the basis for the production of good bearings. The quality of the steel plays a decisive role in the service life of the bearing. All raw materials delivered to our various processing plants are produced according to strict proportions and parameters. Our products comply with strict German standards, which ensures that OBB bearings can meet the load requirements of any extreme environment.

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